Top 5 Facts You Never Heard About Passports

Passport is a very important document while traveling. And all of us know its importance. Here we are going to give you some unknown facts you never knew about passports. It keeps records of foreign countries we traveled, and moreover, it can also be used as an identity proof too. But there are some shocking facts about the passport that we bet you would not be knowing! In this post, we are going to reveal them all. Keep reading to know them all.

Facts About Passport

American And United Kingdom Passports are most powerful

According to Passport Index, in which all countries passports are ranked, American and UK passports are most powerful in the world. Having either of these countries passport, you can visit whopping 147 countries with their Passports. France, South Korea, and Germany are placed at number 2 slot, with access to 145 countries. Italy and Sweden come at third at 144 countries. Time to rejoice for U.S. and U.K. citizens!

You Can Use Your Passport For Extra Time

Usually, when validity period of the passport expires, you have to apply for re-issue of the passport. i.e. you will get a complete new passport, but you can also renew your current passport and expand its validity and use it for the extra period. For example, if your passport expired on 2nd May 2017, you can expand its validity up to 2nd May 2027. Of course, you have to pay the amount to renew your passport.

You Can Travel Some Parts of World Without Passport

You might have the impression that to travel anywhere in the world, passport is completely necessary. But it’s not the case. If you are an United States citizen, you can travel freely overseas to the Northern Marina Islands, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa, even without the passport. Thus, even if you are not holding the passport, you can travel these places. What are you waiting for!

A Person in U.S. Or Britain Can Hold Two Passports

We bet you didn’t know this dirty little trick. A person belonging to the United States or Britain can hold two passports simultaneously. But you might wonder, what is the need of keeping two parts at a time? Some countries have VISA process that may take days or even weeks to approve your visa while keeping your passport status.

Frequent travellers may have problems with their passport keeping to VISA authority for weeks and they may want to travel to another country at that time. At this time, they can use the second passport to travel while first one can be sent for visa application process. Americans sure have an advantage, yeah.

Your Passport May Not Be Valid Before Expiration Date

That’s right, yes it’s shocking truth! Your passport may not be valid even before expiration date arrives. Many countries require that your passport must be valid for a certain time after you arrive, this is to ensure that your passport doesn’t expire while in the country, stranding you there.

In some countries, it is required that your passport be valid for 90 days after entry in that country, including most European countries governed by the Schengen Act, but a safer duration is six months, which is the time required by China, Indonesia, Russia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

These were some unknown facts about passport in various countries. Hope you found them interesting and worth reading. If you know some facts which are not mentioned in the post, drop them in comments. Also, share this article with friends to make them aware about these interesting facts and make them surprise too!

Updated: July 24, 2017 — 3:03 pm

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