What Are The Requirements For Getting The Passport?

Passport is a very important document that is required during traveling to other countries. It also keeps records of countries you traveled. It can be also used as a valid identity proof anywhere. Different countries have different passport and hence, different requirements you need to be fulfilled if you want to get the passport of that particular country. In India, for the application of passport, we have certain requirements too. These requirements are must if you want to apply for Indian Passport.

There are some documents and some other things you will need while applying for a Passport in India. One thing you should keep in mind that you need to be having passport regardless of what country you are travelling to. Complete list of documents we have given below so you don’t need to find them anywhere else.

Requirements For Getting Passport In India

Below are the requirents you should be completing while applying for passport in India.

Age Requirements

There is no specific age requirements for getting passport of India. Anyone can get passsport in India. But one thing you should keep in mind that the process of passport is different for different ages. For Example, children below 18 years are considered minors and document requirements are different from them. Similarly, senior citizens are those who are above 65 years and there are some extra documents required for them too.

Document Requirements

There are certain documents required for verification for getting the passport. Depending on the type of your application and your age, documents required might be different. Normally, a photo identity proof (Aadhar card),Address proof and birth certificate are required. But as I said, some extra documents may be required depending on your application. You can check complete list of documents required for passport.

Documents For Non-ECR category

ECR category stands for emigration check required. It is a category for which check is required for emigration i.e. while leaving the country. If you are under 18 years or come in non-ECR category, you will require proof for non-ECR category. You can find list of documents required for non-ECR category at http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/onlineHtml/NonEcrDocuments.html

Your Marksheets If you are a Student

If you are a students who has passed SSC or HSC exam, they may ask you for you SSC marksheet or HSC marksheet at Passport Seva Kendra while verification. So, its better to take them to PSK while going for verification process for application of Passport.

Passport Fees

There are certain fees requirements for application of Passport. The fees are required to be paid online as per the new procedure. Again like documents, fees depend upon the type of application you are giving. Passport fees are different for normal and tatkaal application. It also might very for ages and number of pages in passport. You can check passport fees here to get passport fees for all types of application.

So, these are the requirements you need to be fulfiling if you want to get the passport. If you already applied for passport, check your passport status by file number here. Share with your friends and let them also be ware so they can be aware. If you have any doubts regarding passport application, comment below.

Updated: July 23, 2017 — 4:07 pm

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